Initial closet and styling consultation.

We review the seasonal items in your closet; sort, organize and develop a customized shopping list to save you from making costly mistakes.



Seasonal closet and styling consultations.

Once a client, we return seasonally to continue to review your wardrobe, reorganize your closet, identify additional items to keep you on trend and develop your personal look book.



Appointments to assist you for a specific purpose:

     •Shopping for or with you to select the perfect options on  

      your shopping list and for your wardrobe.

     • Selecting an outfit for a special occasion.

     • Packing for an upcoming work trip, travel abroad or vacation.

     • Seasonal styling to add to your personal look book.

Rates start at $75.00 per hour. *


Initial closet and styling consultation.

We focus on reviewing the seasonal items in your closet, organizing them, developing a shopping list and if time permits initiating your personal look book.

PLUS two additional options with local industry experts:

     •     Make Up consultation

     •     Hairstylists consultation

     •     Nutrition consultation

     •     Fitness consultation

Approximately 4-5 hours total. Can be split up on more than one day. Rates start at $500.

*Rates include transportation time for in town clients up to 15 miles. Additional transportation costs apply for in town clients requiring more than 15 miles of travel as well as out of town clients.

Give the Gift of Style

Gift certificates can be purchased for all of our services.

They make perfect gifts for moms, dads, grads, brides and any special milestone!

ReVive to the Rescue

We present workshops and seminars for corporations, organizations and universities on a number of topics.

Each session is 30-60 minutes. Rates start at $200

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Kathy 804-363-2931