•     Embarked on her retail career at age sixteen and advanced in the fashion industry  from  sales to management.

     •     Defines her style boho-chic style with an international influence from her Colombian-born mother and her extensive life-long travel.

     •     Is enticed by interesting, colorful patterns and cool, edgy accessories.

     •     Can’t pass up anything with studs on it!!

“Self confidence is the best outfit. Rock it, Own it.”  -Tessa Curry

     •     Set off on her retail career, also at sixteen, then went on to establish and support retail channels as well as marketing and  operations

     •     Has a classic, cultivated style influenced by her Washington, D.C upbringing and deep New England roots.

     •     Is drawn to monocramatic hues, tailored silhouettes and unique accessories.

     •     Can’t live with out  jewelry!

“ Fashion fades, only style remains the same” – Coco Chanel  

Kathy Bogaz

Karen Phillips